Welcome to ICC

Welcome to ICC

We apply a unique blend of world-class strategic, management, financial, economic and social expertise to the local unconventional challenges of emerging markets in Africa.

Our Difference

Our holistic approach combines an offering of non-financial and financial advisory services, in a range of competencies, enabling us to design and implement impactful interventions in the MSME sector.

Furthermore, we have experience working on a macro level, improving the business environment and contextualizing Donor & FDI Interventions.
The International Capital Corporation (ICC) is a boutique consulting house specialized in the following areas of expertise:

Strategy and Management

ICC’s approach to Strategy is based on structured issue-based problem solving and is highly pragmatic. We endeavor to respond not only the “what” question but also the “how”, by being mindful of operational bottlenecks and capacity constraints especially when focusing on SMEs. We seek to remove potential gaps between design and execution by relating business opportunities to internal capabilities. We walk along strategic roadmaps with our clients providing on-going advisory and management services when needed. We judge our strategy & management work on the financial and organizational value our clients gain along with a shared transformative journey.

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Economic and Social Analysis

ICC’s way of conducting Economic & Social Analysis is based on an in-depth understanding of the demand side, including consumer preferences, distributional impacts on different social groups and the effect of positive and negative externalities and market distortions which we apply when conducting economic appraisals of investment projects and social impact assessments.

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Development of MSME's

ICC’s Private Sector Development work is based on developing market systems by inducing systemic and structural changes overtime. This approach is responsive to market development rather than prescriptive ex-ante and it is based on a profound understanding of the market dynamics, including incompleteness, constraints and market imperfections and how these are hindered or promoted through the regulations and institutions.

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Our Industry Experience
Most of ICC clients come from three key economic sectors:

  • The Financial Sector
  • The Extractive Industries
  • The International Development Sector
However we also have experience in other sectors including agri-business, energy, transport infrastructure and public sector.

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